Fatty and Skinny

Fatty and Skinny had a bath,
Fatty fell down & made Skinny laugh…

Fatty and Skinny were in the garden,
Fatty blew off and Skinny said pardon.

Fatty and skinny went out to play,
Fatty blew off and skinny flew away.

Fatty and Skinny fell out of a tree,
Fatty landed on top and broke Skinny’s knee.

Fatty and Skinny sat down to dinner,
Fatty ate Skinny’s and now she’s much thinner.

Fatty and Skinny bought a cat,
Fatty sat on it and made Skinny a hat.

Fatty and Skinny went to the loo,
Fatty had a wee and Skinny a poo.

Fatty and Skinny went to the Zoo,
Fatty got lost in the Elephants poo.

Skinny went home to tell his mum
But all he got was a smack on the bum.

Skinny said to Fatty,
“You’re really such a slob,

Your stomach’s such a floppy one,
It must obscure your nob.

Surely that’s a problem,
When you’re on the job?”

Said Fatty, “I’m a girlie”
and smacked him in the gob.

Fatty and Skinny had a race
Up and down the pillowcase.

Fatty said it wasn’t fair
Because Skinnny lost his underwear.

Fatty and Skinny had a race,
All around that pillow case,

Fatty fell down and broke her face,
That’s how Skinny won that race!

Fatty and Skinny went to a dance,
Skinny got lost in Fatty’s pants!

Fatty and Skinny had a football match.
Fatty passed to skinny, skinny passed it back.

Fatty did a rotten shot,
Where was the goalie when the ball was in the net,
Half-way round the corner with his knickers round his neck.

Fatty and Skinny went to bed,
Fatty rolled over, now Skinny is dead.