Park Seed Catalog

Park Seed Catalog is one of my very favorite flower seed catalogs. It’s full of stunning color photographs, and I want everything! It’s a great way to bring color and pleasant daydreams into a dreary winter day. I spend many hours with this catalog, planning next spring’s garden.

Park Seed Catalog

Park Seed Catalog

“Park’s Picks” starts the catalog off, with many of their recommended flower and vegetable varieties. You are then led into an impressive selection of herbs. As with other seed companies, Park offers seed “collections” which save you money.

Making up the majority of their seed catalog, Park offers an absolutely amazing and beautiful selection of flowers and ornamentals, both annual and perennial. You could spend a lifetime trying even half the cultivars they offer.

Park’s also has gardening gear. From seed starting supplies, tools, containers, plant food, and pest control products to greenhouses and cold frames, Park doesn’t disappoint. The Bio-Dome is their hallmark seed starting kit and one of their best-selling products.

You finally reach their vegetable seed section. Again, Park’s offers an impressive selection, with icons indicating new, organic and All America selections. Rounding out this great catalog are their fruit and berry varieties.

From a graphic and layout standpoint, the catalog is top-notch, with a clean design and easy to follow format. The selections are in a grid format, with photos on the outside of the page and copy in the center. Photos are all top quality and are clearly identified. Item names, numbers and prices are in bold type for easy ordering.

Founded in 1868, Park Seed Company is celebrating 144 years in the gardening and growing business. One of the household names in seed suppliers, Park Seed offers hundreds of flower, ornamental, herb, fruit, berry, plant, and of course vegetable seeds and plants in their printed and online catalogs. Order one today – it’s free!