Thebans defeated the Spartans in the Battle of Koronea

Thebans were always good soldiers, but in the battle of Koronea, which took place in August of 394 BC, they proved that they could defeat even the Spartans.


King Agesilaos of Sparta, who had just returned from the expedition in Asia, brought his army in the valley Koronea of Boeotia.

From the other side Thebans, Athenians and their allies were ready for battle. What followed in this dramatic day, just only two months after the battle of Corinth (July 394 BC), cannot be described.

The two armies came silently close to each other. When they came near the distance of two hundred meters, the Thebans attacked running against the Spartans, who started moving only when Thebans came about one hundred meters close.

It was such the force of the impact, that the spears broke. Pushing with shields each other, they only could use their daggers. Both armies fought desperately, king Agesilaos, though many times wounded was at the front ranks.

The battle ended with the victory of Sparta, though Thebans succeeded in breaking the Spartan lines and fighting better than them.