In 290 BC Thebes fell

In 290 BC Thebes fell, as did many other cities, in the hands of Macedonian, Demetrios Poliorketes.

Once again Thebes was destroyed by Sulla, in 86 AD, for being sided with Mithridates in the war against Rome. Half of its territory was given to Delphians, for compensation of plundering the Oracle.

In 248 AD, as well in 396 AD, Thebes was conquered by Goths. Thebes found a new peak in the middle ages.

In the 9th century it was the capital of Byzantine Hellas and the center of silk manufacturing, which introduced to Europe. In 1040 AD, Bulgarians after fierce fighting occupied the city and in 1146 AD the city was sacked by the Normans of Sicily.

Again in 1205 AD was taken by Boniface of Montferrat, who gave her to Otho de la Roche.

Finally, during the Turkish occupation, Thebes degenerated into a village.

Recovering from two earthquakes, in 1853 and 1893 AD, Thebes today is a modern city.