Kid’s Fish Tanks

When we think of kid’s fish tanks, we naturally think of the single ten gallon tank with a little gravel and a goldfish. If the goldfish is lucky maybe a snail to keep it company. In today’s modern times, many young fish collector’s have elaborate tanks filled with many kinds of exotic fish, decorations, live plants, aerators, filtration systems and more.

Kid’s Fish Tanks

 The tanks have graduated from small standard shaped “goldfish bowls” to hexagon, triangular, circular, you name the shape and you can find it.

One of the simplest way to set up a kids fish tank is to buy a kit. New fish tank kits start around twenty dollars for a 1.5 gallon desktop size tank.

Kits like this are all inclusive, coming with a built in filtration system, a light, substrate and some basic decorations. The tanks used to be glass but are moving more and more toward Acrylic. When choosing a new fish tank many qualities about the fish tank itself need to be fish tank kit

One of the first things to consider about a fish tank for your child is how much responsibility the child can handle.

Fish are a hands on pet, requiring feeding, cleaning and proper care of the tank on a regular basis a priority.

I suggest a small low maintenance tank for the child’s first endeavor into fish collecting, along with a hardy fish that is easy to take care of such as