Diving in Algarve

The Barlavento region of the Algarve, famous for its wonderful beaches with golden sands, flame-coloured coastal cliffs and tranquil waters, is a great place to dive 300 days a year.

These waters are rich in flora and fauna, with summer water temperature ranges between 60° and 75° allowing for diving throughout the entire year, particularly in spring or autumn. The current is generally moderate or weak.

Depths vary from 33 to 132 feet, suitable for both novices and experienced divers. For those who practice technical diving, there is also the possibility of exploring some very special areas, whose depths are between 130 and 195 feet.

Among the underwater attractions that can be explored are shipwrecks from the 18th century and the First and Second World War, as well as beautiful reefs and natural walls. The Ocean Revival Underwater Park is open to all divers from around the world.

The region, in addition to being well served by flight connections, offers a vast range of quality options for tourism. Choose to visit one of the many excellent restaurants, discover the rich heritage in historic monuments, or hike through areas of natural beauty. Portimao is the ideal destination for divers and non-divers alike to find plenty to see and do.