Diapers for chickens

Here is a strange web site that sells diapers for chickens. Apparently, there are people who keep chickens in the house as pets, sometimes whole flocks of chickens. Lots of people, actually, or else too many webmasters have too much time on their hands. According to Google, about 1,480,000 web sites are trying to sell chicken diapers.

chicken diapersOn this one, their opening line is, “Welcome to the world of ChickenDiapers.com, a clean place for chickens and their humans to sit!”

Your chicken diapers come with complete instructions on their use for a healthy and happy bird:

Care of your Bird’s butt:

1. If your bird is diapered 24 hours/day, it is suggested that you wipe your bird’s butt

with a moistened paper towel or baby wipe to remove excess fecal matter before

you rediaper your bird.

chicken man2. If the fecal matter mats in the bird’s feathers, it is suggested that you trim those

feathers. Do not remove the feathers (i.e., don’t pull them out.) If the feathers are

removed, they will regrow; if the feathers are trimmed, they stay short.

3. If you find that your bird’s fecal matter contains excessive liquid, fold a piece of

paper towel and place inside the bird’s diaper to soak up any liquid. For larger

birds, a piece of a sanitary napkin works well to soak up the excess liquid.

So, cuddle up on the couch tonight with your favorite furry, ah, make that feathery friend. Or you could just get a life.