Relationships of the directional totems

My children, in my love for you I have given you nine guides that will bless you, and walk with you on this Earth Walk which you have chosen.

These guides come in the form of animal totems, and represent the power and medicine which we carry within us…all we need do is recognize and call upon them for the guidance and love which they are waiting to provide.

The animal totems sit in the 4 cardinal directions (East, South, West, and North) they also dwell in the 3 spiritual directions (above, below and within).

There is also a totem animal which walks on each side of us.

East: The guide that presents us our spiritual challenges, and guards our path as walk the Trail to Wisdom.

South: This animal protects that child that dwells within each of our spirits, and teaches us to find the balance of humility and sacred trust.. This animal brings to us the quality of innocence.

West: From this animal we learn our personal truth, and find our answers that reside within. This animal with show us the path to reach our personal goals.

North: The animal in the North brings with it wise counsel, and teaches us when to speak, and when to listen. With this animal comes the ability and wisdom to recognize and be grateful for the blessings which are bestowed upon us each day.

Above: The guide which dwells above is our teacher about the Great Star Nation, and shows us the way to honor those Great Spirits which come from the stars. This animal is a constant reminder that you came from the stars and to the stars you shall return. The spirit which Walks Above is the guardian of you the Dreamtime, and will guide you as you walk to the other dimensions, and explore the expanse of the other worlds.

Below: This is your spirit of the inner Earth, and will teach you the ways of keeping yourself grounded, and your moccasins on the path.

Within: This is the way to finding the joy that your heart, soul, and spirit desire on this walk. The spirit from within shows you how to be faithful and true to yourself. This animal is the protector of that sacred space which is yours alone, and no one else can enter without your permission.

The animal which walks with us on our left side is the protector of our female side, and teaches us the value of loving, and caring for ourselves in a nurturing way. From this animal we are to learn to receive the abundance that Grandfather has provided for us.

There is also a totem animal which walks with us on the right side, and protects our male side, and teaches us that Grandfather is there to protect and guide us at all times, this animal also carries our warrior spirit, and provides us with the courage to walk our walk upon our path.

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