Dying Man Reveals Secrets of Area 51

The base called Area 51 is actually a part of Edwards Air Force Base. However, according to reports by individuals who have been employed there, its purpose goes far beyond American military technology. 

Rumors of reverse engineering of UFOs are very common, and allegedly many technological advancements in the last few decades can be attributed to the base. These are a result of delving into alien technology, and applying bright, human minds to the subject.

Not only do crashed and salvaged alien craft exist there, but many have told stories of the beings themselves often working with the base’s team to help uncover the secrets of advanced alien science.

Boyd Bushman is an engineer who worked for Lockheed Martin, Texas Instruments and most importantly Area 51. He died earlier this year, but before he did, he was interviewed in a video shot by Mark Q. Patterson. It has since been removed from YouTube.

Sadly, the reason Bushman came forward was because he knew he had little time to live, and nothing to lose. If there ever was a time to tell what he knew, this was it. 

The Aliens’ Home and Characteristics

The claims that Bushman makes are quite extraordinary as one would expect coming from such a secretive base. He also showed several photographs of alien beings, which he says are about 5 ft. tall, with long fingers and webbed toes. 

Bushman claims that the aliens’ home base is called Quintumnia, which is some 68 light-years from Earth.  The advanced science used by the aliens enables them to traverse this great distance in less than an hour.

The beings do not speak as humans do, but instead use telepathy. They communicate with each other as well as humans in this manner.

He also claims that he worked with anti-gravity technology, and examined and studied their alien craft.

Bushman’s Credentials

As one would expect, his claims have been attacked by debunkers; those who want to hide the truth from the public. It should be noted that as early as 2008, Bushman took a lie-detector test about his claims. He passed without a hitch.

As word got out about his upcoming release of information, he received a number of death threats. But because he was dying anyway, he went forward with the interview. Bushman accomplished much in his life; he holds 26 U.S. patents and his involvement with Area 51 is well chronicled.

While at Lockheed Martin he conducted performance analysis for European Theater Tactical Fighters and developed electro-optical laser sensors and power systems. Bushman also holds classified patents that include the development of a magnetic beam. At Texas Instruments he was involved with developing smart, laser-guided bombs, tank mounted, and Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) and GPS systems.

More about the Aliens

Bushman also tells us that the aliens used a craft which was saucer-like. It was 38 feet across. He states that the aliens he met were mostly friendly, but some were not, just like humans.

One of the most harrowing pieces of information Bushman released was that he knew of 19 humans who were slain because of alien aggression. Good aliens were called “wranglers,” the bad ones were “rustlers.”

Bushman is certainly not the first man to make claims such as these, but he does have background credentials, and passed a lie-detector. Are these fantastic claims real? For now, I believe that they are.