Meaning of the color red in dreams

Dreaming of red is about activation, physicality, passion and intensity. In the chakras red is the root, it’s a primitive energy that expresses itself in terms of survival and prime instinct. Consider the deep blood red that runs through our veins. Life-affirming, flowing, and activating our energy on a very base, physical level. Red is the root that runs through our psyche. It speaks to us of dormant power.

Consider fire. It requires an igniting action. The capability of fire is all around us, but it takes a spark to release the power. I particularly love the symbolism of volcanoes when contemplating color meanings in dreams. The red hot energy is always there, just under the surface. What provokes its resurfacing is key.

If you see red in your dreams:

  • What needs activating in your life?

  • What physical (body, material) conditions need your attention?

  • Are your basic, primary needs being met?

  • Is stagnation disallowing reproduction?

  • Is it time to reconnect with nature?

  • Are you in an environment that allows you to ignite your passions?