Aquarium Tanks

Aquarium tanks for fish in all shapes and sizes. An aquarium tank can be the focal point of your room and gives countless hours of relaxation and beauty.

Fish collectors, or fish-keepers, may love their fish but the time always comes that we have to choose a habitat in order to get the fish we have been dreaming of. We must figure out the size that we can use, the shape we want and the materials the fish tank is made out of.

Do we want a glass tank? Should it be a rectangle? Do we want to look through it from both sides?

Simply put, size matters. When figuring out what size tank you want, there are many considerations, especially with large or huge tanks. Some things to consider follow. How big does the fish I want the tank for grow?

Some fish grow as large as their environment allows, some will be a mere half-inch in even the largest tanks. Your first step is going to be taking a tape measure and measuring the space you want to place your tank in. Sometimes it is easier to choose the size of the tank you can have, then decide what fish you will get to go in the tank.

When going for large or huge tanks, carefully consider the filled weight of the tank. Will the floor support that amount of weight over time? Extremely large or huge tanks are often made of plexiglass, because of strength and weight. While these tanks are durable, they may be scratched fairly easy. Is this trade off worth it to you? A chart of popular new fish tank shapes The shape of the tank is an important flare to your tastes. Do you want an octagonal tank? Six sides mean more joints which may mean more chances to leak in the long run. Is there enough room for the fish to swim and turn around?

Enough room makes for livelier fish. Do you need a custom made tank to fit where you want it or can a box tank work? Does it need to be glass or can you use plexiglass? Or will a plastic fish bowl work?

For example, if you are getting a goldfish, perhaps you don't want to spend $300 on that larger tank and instead opt for the smaller $10 bowl tank. Do you want a tank with or without a lid?

By answering these questions, you can help narrow down what you are really looking for in a tank. A good, well fit, well built tank will enhance your enjoyment of fish collecting.


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Kid’s Fish Tanks

When we think of kid’s fish tanks, we naturally think of the single ten gallon tank with a little gravel and a goldfish. If the goldfish is lucky maybe a snail to keep it company. In today’s modern times, many young fish collector’s have elaborate tanks filled with many kinds of exotic fish, decorations, live plants, aerators, filtration systems and more.