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Adrastos opened war against Thebes to reinstate Polyneikes to the throne

After the death of Oedipus, the two brothers, Eteokles and Polyneikes, agreed to rule Thebes for one year, in turn. But, at the end of the first year, when Plyneikes should have started his turn, Eteokles refused to surrender the throne. Polyneikes was forced into exile and went to king Adrastos of Argos.

Amphion and Zethos began the wall of Thebes

There was the succession of kings, Polydoros, Labdakos and Laios, whom Lykos dethroned. The brother of Lykos, Nykteus, had a daughter, Antiope ,who was famous for her beauty among the Greeks.

Cadmus was the founder of Thebes

Cadmus was the founder of this great city which contains many great trials and stories. People were living here, from Neolithic ages and beyond. This was the land of the aboriginal (autochthones) Ectenians, the oldest inhabitants of Boeotia and their famous king Ogyges.

In 290 BC Thebes fell
Kadmos built the walls of Thebes
Oedipus was made king of Thebes
The Epigonoi put Thersander on the throne of Thebes
Thebans defeated the Spartans in the Battle of Koronea