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InfoWizzard Community

We are looking for a few key people to collaborate on the development of this website. They would become the first Master Wizards and will help decide the direction this website takes, what topics are covered, and work out how compensation should be divided.

The idea is there would be four tiers of contributors: Master Wizard, Sorceror, Apprentice, and InfoWizz. Each tier would have more responsibilities to insure this is a quality site with real content, and doesn't become a spam dump.

In turn, as a contributor works their way up the ranks, they would also receive special privileges at each level that would reward them with more income opportunities. However, if they don't keep up with the responsibilities assigned to their level, or don't follow the rules,  they can be demoted by the levels above them.

At the Master Wizard level, you will have input into how the site is developed, what forms of monetization are used and how they are divided among the participants, development of the basic rules, and input into any future decisions on how the website is run. Exactly how this will work is yet to be decided by the key development team (the Master Wizards).

If you would like to get in on the ground floor and help make this a great website, use our contact form to introduce yourself and start a discussion.