Spirit Guides / Totems

Totem animals have been Guides and Talismans for people for as long as can be remembered. Cave paintings with beautiful drawings of animals have been found in places that are difficult to reach and cross continents, as well as eras.

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Characteristics of specific animal totems

No one is sure exactly how many kinds of totem animals there are on this planet because new ones are still being discovered every day. Are you ready to learn more about some of these animals and their characteristics?

Finding your animal totem or spirit guides

The most common misconception about totem animals is that the person chooses the animal. In reality, it is the other way around–the animal chooses you.

Introduction to totem animals

Spirit animal, totem animal, spirit guardian, familiar, spirit guide, animal helper, guardian spirit, power animal, animal medicine… these phrases are all ways of saying the same thing. These are all terms for animal spirits that lend us guidance on our journey through life and help us reach higher planes of spirituality and awareness about ourselves and the world around us.

Life totems and power animals – not all animal totems are equal
New Age Spirituality and the Animal Totem or Familiar
Opening the conscious mind to animal totems
Relationships of the directional totems
Respect and honor the animals
Tantra Totem: Instructions for good luck in your life
The Raven spirit guide
Using the unconscious mind to call your totem animals