How to contact your guardian angel

Ever wondered how to get in touch with your guardian angel? Here are five tips.

Ask/Invite/Invoke your guardian angel

By universal law, as an honoring of Free Will, Beings in one dimension can not assist beings on another dimension unless the request or invitation comes from the dimension wishing to receive the assistance. Consequently, angels are extremely “limited” in the extent to which they can help you and/or interact with you UNLESS you invoke them (invite and ask them to help).

When you ask for their assistance, you literally open the floodgates for their glorious Light to reach you! And if there is one particular angel that you wish to call on, the cosmic protocol is to ask them 3 times in a row.  This helps the one being called to distinguish whether you are just “thinking about” them, or whether you seriously want to “get their attention”. This cosmic protocol also holds true for contacting any higher dimensional being.

Be still for clearer reception.

Emotional turbulence disrupts inner reception – like static in radio reception. The calmer the emotions, the more detail with which you can receive inner communications.  When the emotions achieve tremendous calm, then they become like a glassy lake, or a smooth mirror or window – thus allowing the passage of information with minimal distortion. 

The quieter you are emotionally, the clearer you can inwardly “perceive.” Hence, the expression: “Be still and know that I am God.” The calmer you are emotionally, the finer the detail with which you can perceive angels.


Though angels do on very rare occasions make themselves visible to the physical senses (eyes & ears), this is not their normal operating procedure. So you have to develop the “habit” of “turning off” your external senses and “turning on” an entirely different avenue for receiving information – your internal senses.

I think of this as “heart sensing”, though others may call it “feeling”, or “gut feeling”, or “intuition”. Try “sensing” angels with the feelings in your heart, rather than with your mind and your outer senses.   Like anything else, the more your “practice” this, the better you get at it.

“Pay” them by sending them LOVE

You can “pay” angels, in fact even “bribe” angels, to interact with you more,  IF  you know how to pay them in the form of currency that they value.   (Okay, let’s just say that you can “entice” angels to be more excited about actually interacting with you.)  Their form of currency is just as valuable to them as hundred dollar bills are to us. So what is their form of currency?  


Receiving love, for an angel, is just as rewarding as receiving a huge check is for you! That’s because their favorite game is to evolve, and receiving more love from others immediately evolves them further!  It actually expands their auras, increases their personal radiation, and accelerates their evolution.

So why not pay them in advance? Send them the biggest blast of love and appreciation your heart can muster, and then ask them to interact/play with you!

Keep harmony in your aura and home environment

Notice how when you walk into a strange house, sometimes it feels “creepy” and you want to leave immediately, while in other homes it feels wondrous and you just want to stay there? Angels experience this too while interacting with humanity. If they are required to serve in an area with {what is for them} “inharmonious energies”, they’ll do it, but then they’ll leave as soon as possible.

Whereas if they find a “heavenly hang-out” on earth, they tend to linger, because it feels good!

So if you wish angels to “hang-out” with you more in your home or retreat, then make it an “angelic oasis” for them:  Have the radiations of your personal aura be a consistent sanctuary of peace, harmony, and love.   

Fill your surroundings with beautiful objects, beautiful music, beautiful fragrances, a peaceful ambiance, pure sweet nature or plants, harmony in all forms, and ….. most importantly, a sustained atmosphere of loving feelings!