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A relatively recent discovery, Botia kubotai, sometimes known as the Polka Dot Loach, hails from fast flowing waters in Myanmar. It can be kept with most community fish, although very tiny or long-finned varieties are probably best avoided.

It is a fairly peaceful species, although squabbles do sometimes break out between individuals within the shoal, or with other Botia species of similar markings sharing the same tank. However, no significant damage usually arises.

No two fish share exactly the same colour pattern, and these markings change as the fish matures.

Other common names:

Scientific Name:

Botia kubotai

Family: Botiidae

Polka Dot Loach, Botia kubotai

Polka Dot Loach, Botia kubotai

Botiidae is a mainly Southeast Asian family of cypriniform ray-finned fishes. Recently placed in the true loach family Cobitidae, in 2012 M. Kottelat revised the loaches and re-elevated this taxon to family rank.

Botiids typically have a more or less arched back, with a pointed snout of intermediate length.

Botiidae often encountered in the aquarium trade include:

Natural Habitat:

Fast flowing waters in Myanmar


Mature Size:

The Polka Dot Loach is thought to reach a maximum size of around six inches (15 cm).


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