Yo-yo Loach Profile

Botia almorhae (formerly known as Botia lohachata) is a white colored fish with black markings along its body more-or-less in alternating shapes of ‘Y’ and ‘O’ earning it the popular international common name of Yo-Yo Loach.As they age, their markings transform into a more reticulated pattern.

Yo Yo Loach, Botia lohachata

Yo Yo Loach, Botia almorhae

Because of their slightly more feisty nature, some sources suggest keeping solitary individuals, but this will merely heighten their aggression level towards other fish species. Kept as a group, these loaches will be more concerned with each other than their tank mates, although small fish and long-finned fish should definitely be avoided.

Other common names:

Pakistani Loach

Scientific Name:

Botia almorhae

Family: Botiidae

Botiidae is a mainly Southeast Asian family of cypriniform ray-finned fishes. Recently placed in the true loach family Cobitidae, in 2012 M. Kottelat revised the loaches and re-elevated this taxon to family rank.

Botiids typically have a more or less arched back, with a pointed snout of intermediate length.

Botiidae often encountered in the aquarium trade include:

Natural Habitat:

India to Bangladesh


Mature Size:

Botia almorhae can reach 6.8 inches (17cm) in length.


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